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Lifetime Group Class

How Unleashed Potential Can Help You- A look at our Lifetime Group Class After The Private Dog Training Lessons.  We offer private training sessions, or a board and train, followed by group classes for life. This allows you and your dog to learn in a calm, quiet environment while having all the focus and attention on you. Once private training ... Read More »

Out of Control Lab, Ginger- Testimonial

Thank You Unleashed Potential The Valley!! Ginger the lab is out of control no more! See Video Below! A few months after getting our lab/retriever, Ginger, daily life started to become stressful. The kids didn’t want to play with the her because she would bite at them and knock them over, and my husband refused to walk her anymore because she pulled ... Read More »

Stress and Your Dog in Training

I have read a lot of commentary on stress during dog training; the short version is that there are people out there who don’t believe that a dog should be stressed out for training to be effective or humane, and that stress will damage the relationship between human and canine. While I agree that stress indicators such as panting, yawning, ... Read More »

Children’s Bite Prevention Seminars

Children’s Bite Prevention Seminar with Professional Dog Trainer, Camellia Saunderson, and Buddy the tripod Dogs are largely misunderstood by humans, especially children. To a dog, biting is a normal way of communicating when nothing else has worked. Too often we hear that a dog has bitten a person ‘out of nowhere,’ when more often than not, we have simply failed to ... Read More »

Adventures in Reactive Dog Encounters Part 1

Introduction: The purpose of this blog series is not to judge, but to educate! I learned long ago that most reactive dog owners do not always appreciate a stranger in passing giving them reactive dog advice about their loved ones. More often than not, people tend to take it personally when you point out their dog’s flaws, rather than as a gesture ... Read More »