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Sadly, there is too much controversy about e-collars, remote collars, shock collars….what ever you want to call them in the dog training world. E collar haters say they are inhumane and abusive and that they send a jolt through the whole body of the dog. Some say the dogs only work because they are scared to be shocked.  There are ... Read More »

Obedience training in Halifax N.S. Canada.

We adopted our adorable border collie Strider at 8 weeks old. We came home proud and excited with the belief that we would be able to train this dog as we had our last dog. However something went terribly wrong, and instead of having a dog who brought happiness and comfort to our family, we were stressed out and began ... Read More »

MVP K9 Supplements

MVP K9 Supplements Unleashed Potential is proud to announce that we have partnered with MVP K9 Supplements and are now a Canadian Retailer of their outstanding product line. Our trainers have used these products and are amazed; as you will be, with the results. Does your dog do agility or other jobs that are tough on their bodies. Check out ... Read More »

Rottweiler Unleashed in Public

Watch as this rottweiler performs his obedience with Duke Ferguson, Master Dog Trainer and CEO of Unleashed Potential K9. This video was taken in front of a grocery store on a very cold day in downtown Montague, Prince Edward Island. Amazing obedience amongst so many distractions of people, kids and traffic!!! Watch as Duke sends him to their vehicle from ... Read More »

Boxer’s obedience training, Halifax, NS

  Looking for some Dog Training in Halifax?? Look no further! Testimonial of a boxer’s obedience training with a professional dog trainer from Unleashed Potential in Halifax. A few months ago we were frustrated to our limit with our boxer, Odin. We could not understand why he was becoming overly dominant and aggressive towards other dogs, and in some instances ... Read More »