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Bite Prevention Community Talks and Seminars

bite preventionDogs are largely misunderstood by humans. In most cases biting is a normal dog behaviour but when a dog bites too many people interpret this as a bad dog and take inappropriate action. Everyone should learn bite prevention.

The dog that bites is not necessarily a mean dog or a bad dog It is just a dog that is doing what is natural in communication and in the situation.


To prevent dog bites it is important to understand dogs better. What motivates a dog to bite? How do dogs communicate? Understanding different drives in dogs. How Can I tell if the dog will bite? How should I react? What do I do to prevent dog bites? How can I modify the dogs behavior? What do I do If I get attacked or bit?


We provide Customized Educational Programs and Training Seminars go teach about dog bite prevention for anyone in need.


Utility workers or Post workers Animal Control officers, Schools, Pre schools, Parents, Expecting Parents, etc….. contact us for more information on our Bite prevention services  CLICK HERE. We look forward to hearing form you.

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