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Board & Train Nova Scotia Are you planning a vacation or business trip? Would you like you’re dog to undergo training while you are away, so when you return you’ll be returning to a happy, obedient dog that is under control and well trained?

Are you renovating your home or moving in to a new home and would like to have your dog under control and well behaved for when you move in? Is your dog so out of control that you can’t take him into the house, but would like to?

Does your spouse work away for long periods of time and you find yourself often alone and overwhelmed with the responsibility of working, caring for a family and managing your out of control dog? Would you like your dog to undergo training but don’t have the time or energy needed in working with him to reach the level of training you want?

Do you have a disability that is preventing you from being able to handle your dog and in result their behavior is getting worse and worse? Have you taken your dog to other trainers and haven’t received the results that you were looking for?

Have you been told your dog is not trainable and should be put to sleep? Do you have a dog that you just cant handle no matter what you do?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then our Board and Train program may just be the answer for you!

Our Board and Train program is designed to allow clients to have their dogs undergo training while being in complete care of a trainer. This is a results based program with a minimum of two weeks; possibly more, that you’re your dog will spend with a UPK9 trainer.  Your dog will spend day and night with a trainer; living with them and going where they go, while receiving regular exercise and training (Doggie Boot Camp) without you having to put in the time needed to bring your dog to its full potential.  Once your dog has reached upk9 standards they will go home Happier, more obedient, well behaved, and under control.  You will then receive the personal training yourself needed to maintain and enhance you’re dogs training.

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