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Why I Became a Dog Trainer with

Why I Became a Dog Trainer I never dreamed of being a dog trainer, in fact, it was never something I even considered until the day I decided to become one. So what lead me to that point? In 2012, I opened a pitbull rescue which quickly became known for taking in difficult cases; that’s when I met my soul mate. ... Read More »

Dog Food- A Simple Guide to your Ingredient List

The first thing you need to know is that every ingredient in your dog food is listed on the bag in descending order. This means that the first ingredient holds the most weight, the second ingredient holds the second highest amount of weight, and so on. Meat vs. Meat Meal: For the purpose of this blog, ‘meat’ refers to protein such as Beef, Fish, Chicken, ... Read More »

Chino and Java’s Rehabilitation

  Java and Chino came to train with Camellia at Unleashed Potential- The Valley because they were getting into fights with each other in their home. Java, who’s issues were insecurity with dogs and pushy controlling behavior, stayed for 4 weeks, while Chino, who’s issues of dog aggression and generalized anxiety were much more extensive, stayed for 9 weeks before he ... Read More »

Training Small Breed Dogs like Jake the Shih-Tzu

Recently I noticed that all of my clients are large breed dogs; does that mean that there are more large breed dogs with behavioral issues than there are small breed dogs? I don’t believe so. I feel that many people see small breed dogs as being easier to manage than large breed dogs, so often times they get tucked away, picked up ... Read More »

Jude’s Rehabilitation

Me and my husband adopted Jude, a Rottweiler-husky mix, two years ago from the humane society. She had separation anxiety, pulled on a leash, and can be aggressive toward other dogs, not knowing how to interact and play. We started working with her alone, which I thought we could handle, until she attacked a smaller breed dog, resulting in euthanasia ... Read More »