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Children’s Bite Prevention Seminars

Children’s Bite Prevention Seminar with Professional Dog Trainer,
Camellia Saunderson, and Buddy the tripod

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Dogs are largely misunderstood by humans, especially children. To a dog, biting is a normal way of communicating when nothing else has worked. Too often we hear that a dog has bitten a person ‘out of nowhere,’ when more often than not, we have simply failed to read the dog’s signs of discomfort before it happened.

Our children’s bite prevention seminars focus on fun, informative, and interactive activities to teach children how to read a dog’s body language and warning signs, as well as learn how to properly interact with family and strange dogs.

During the presentation we discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of bite prevention, body language and communication, the Yellow Ribbon Campaign, how to greet a strange dog with an owner (WAIT), and how to avoid a strange dog without an owner (Be A Tree). Children get to practice their new knowledge with a fun interactive lesson with my child-friendly dog Buddy and hear the story of how he lost his leg, as a cautionary tale.

Sessions last 30 minutes, to an hour, depending on the number of children. Every child leaves with essential knowledge, take-home information on everything we discussed during our session, and a bite prevention word search.

Interested in finding out more about what we have to offer? Contact us directly at camellias@upk9.ca or find a trainer near you by clicking here. Think your child’s school or community program could benefit from an opportunity like this? Have them contact us to book a seminar asap! Your child’s safety depends on it.

Are you at your wits end with your dog’s behavior and would like to have control, sanity, and above all else, safety? No matter the age or breed, please contact me now,  I promise you, I can help!

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