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Out of Control Lab, Ginger- Testimonial

Thank You Unleashed Potential The Valley!! Ginger the lab is out of control no more! See Video Below!

A few months after getting our lab/retriever, Ginger, daily life started to become stressful. The kids didn’t want to play with the her because she would bite at them and knock them over, and my husband refused to walk her anymore because she pulled so hard on the leash even an anti pull harness didn’t work. Ginger was relentlessly; she went after anything that moved, cat,s birds, leaves ect., she would eat everything she looked at, including large rocks. Life was just crazy!

We tried a trainer that taught us how to get her to sit but she wouldn’t stay. It got to the point where her day was spent getting yelled at or locked away in a kennel because we couldn’t take her anywhere or do anything with her. I was very skeptical that training would do anything to change her hyper personality but the only other option was to give her away, so after some research and asking around, we found Camellia. Immediately after beginning training I could see changes in Ginger. A 20 minute session had her panting exhausted, but she LOVED it and I was enjoying spending that time with her. Whenever I had questions Camellia quickly responded and gave advice that actually worked! After hitting a rough spot with some behaviors we weren’t sure how to deal with, we sent Ginger away with Camellia for a 5 day board and train. You wouldn’t think that much would change in 5 days, but it has tremendously!

Now my family could not be happier because life is way less stressful for everyone, including Ginger. She is actually now a part of our family, not an annoyance. I am able to take her out with confidence and my kids are begging to do stuff with her. She has become something I am proud of, not something I am apologizing for when I have guests over.

I would completely recommend Camellia as a trainer to anyone who is possibly hitting their breaking point or who wants to avoid that in their future. Her level of knowledge of dogs and their behaviors is exceptional. We are so pleased and content in knowing that no matter what challenges we come up against, Camellia will be there to guide us through it.

-Nadine Coleman

Ginger OFF LEASH for the first time ever!!

Are you at your wits end with your dog’s behavior and would like to have control, sanity, and above all else, safety? No matter the age or breed, please contact me now,  I assure you, I can help!

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