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Creating a Positive Association to All Training Tools Including E collars and Pinch Collars


There is a saying in the dog training world ” Make training and rehabilitation fun”. In a perfect world this is very true. Training should be fun, but this is not a perfect world and many dogs develop issues from it and…… who has fun in rehab in the beginning anyway?

Take the beginning stages of working with a dog who has major fear issues from poor training or being abused in its past  OR working with a spoiled rotten humanized dog who has ” spoiled rich kid “Syndrome that has developed undesired behaviours because of no rules, no leadership, Free food, sleeping in the owners bed ect…

Is training going to be fun in the beginning for them?  Not likely.

Ive seen dogs get stressed out for a couple days initially by just having the owners spend more time with the dog teaching it to learn new things and work for its meals instead of it getting the food for free in the dish.

Training should be fun and yes, rehab can be stressful in the beginning, but not so much that the dog cant handle it.

Working the dog step by step through its issues to create an end result  where the dog is happy and obedient  I feel is very important.  Its easy to get compliance and have a dog do something or stop a dog from doing something… but get them to enjoy it….. in my eyes this is equally important.

If you have a dog your working with that has issues with training tools then this video is for you

I  give you some advice on how to fix the situation and better the rehab or training experience.

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  1. Yeah you are right my dog also one of them. But i’m follow your lines now training is a fun and my lovely dog happy to this.

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