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Duke Ferguson’s Dog Trainer School & Shadow Program


Duke Ferguson’s  Dog Trainer School

Unleashed Potential K9 Academy is a registered private training school under the Private Training Schools Act of the Province of Prince Edward Island. 

 Government approved education provider!!


Do you have a passion for working with people and dogs? I Do!

Are you looking to better your knowledge and skill as a trainer? Let me take you to higher levels of understanding canine behaviour and training. Lets have a blast along the way!!

Do you want to be the best you can be and provide excellent training service to your clients? Lets take the struggle out of things for you.

IMG_2495 (1)

Are you looking at starting your dream job of becoming a professional dog trainer and joining a winning team of amazing trainers?

Well……. maybe you have what it takes? Lets find out. I don’t take just anyone, so we can chat. 🙂 

Are you just a dog owner who needs help training your dog and wants to have an amazing experience and adventure in doing so?  Why not make it a mini vacation / intensive dog training time!!!

IMG_3837If you answered yes to any of my questions then you will be very happy you found this page!  Myself, Duke Ferguson and my team can make your dream come to a reality!

Imagine not having to work a day in your life because you absolutely love what you do. Do you know what its like to wake up excited to get to work to see what adventure comes your way every day?   I do, and I can help you feel the same way!

I have spent the majority of my life working with dogs and have spent years intensely developing my knowledge and skill in dog training techniques, behaviour modification and all aspects of animal behaviour (canines).  To see Duke’s profile CLICK HERE!

Duke Ferguson’s Trainer / Shadow  School Info

We have several options available to suite your needs:

One week shadow : One intensive work week and 1 weekend. One short written test.

Two week shadow : Two intensive work weeks and two weekends. Two short written tests. Two week shadows are also evaluated as prospects to be eligible to continue to become Unleashed Potential Trainers.

Unleashed Potential Trainer Program: To get started: DTG Pre study, 3 intensive work weeks and 3 weekends. Weekly written testing and a large final test. 90% is a pass.  “Chosen students only” Not just anyone is accepted in to this program. There is a lot more to this program including Unleashed Potential licensing and becoming part of the elite UPK9 family of trainers.  There is no guarantee the student will pass or be accepted in to the Unleashed Potential Family . Those who do not pass will get a certificate of attendance. Those who pass will become professionally certified and have the opportunity to join the Unleashed Potential Family of  trainers and have their own upk9 business and location. Those interested can FaceTime or Skype with Duke Ferguson in person to discuss more information.

Send your request to info@upk9.ca to book a Skype or FaceTime with Duke to discuss your goals and what to expect.  


Unleashed Potential K9 Academy is a registered private training school under the Private Training Schools Act of the Province of Prince Edward Island.

 There are new options being planned for 2016-2017. To be announced in the future! 

The school will be 10 am – 5pm  Monday through Friday. There will be a lunch break and other breaks as need be.

Although scheduled schooling with the students states 10am to 5pm training often continues into the evening with clients so students must be prepared to be working earlier than 10am and often later than 5pm.  It is possible to see long hours 8am to 9pm.

Depending on the program you choose, it is possible to customize your training a little bit. You will get to see and learn hands on many aspects of dog training.  Here is a list of just a few things:

  • Work hands on with difficult or aggressive dogsIMG_1106
  • Care and work with board and trains
  • Sit in on my private training lessons look over my shoulder and and see how I do things Or teach a private lesson.
  • Experience group class and or teach group class
  • Experience the upk9 puppy management program
  • Hands on leash handling and manual leash work
  • Clicker training and use of verbal marks
  • Hands on E- collar work (become intimate with the tool)
  • Understand NePoPo training
  • Mastering the art of attention
  • Understand drives in dogs and how to use them for trainingIMG_9948.JPG
  • Hands on working and socializing dogs in public places including highly distractive environments
  • Working street corners lol!  Yup! but its not what you think…. 🙂
  • Teaching dogs to swim
  • Teaching dogs to run on a treadmill
  • Trim dogs nails with out a fight
  • Learn to read body languageIMG_8102
  • Experience how I do public and community events
  • Pack walks, trails, beaches and possibly wooded mountains in Atlantic
  • Understanding personal protection training
  • Much more…….


Some mornings breakfast may be shared with me and the gang…… who knows I might even make you a breakfast 😉


The dogs need some time off, and you will need some down time to digest all you have learned. There will not be a lot of scheduled teaching on the weekends.  You can have free time and you are also welcome to spend time with my family, friends and I as well as the dogs. The learning never stops!!


Depending on the time of year, you will be taken to various locations around Prince Edward Island and possibly Nova Scotia. There will be hands on work training dogs, learning, as well as experiencing what Atlantic Canada has to offer.







In the training programs, I have implemented some opportunities for you to experience great Atlantic Canadian sights, foods and culture.

Besides working with people and dogs we love to play and eat ….sometimes at the same time! Oh the life of a Canadian dog trainer EH!! …  🙂




Depending on the season and the program you choose, the list of activities we also do is extensive.

  • Hiking trailsIMG_3833
  • Boating, tubing, canoeing
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Skeet shooting
  • 4 wheeling
  • Beaches
  • “Surf and turf” Atlantic Lobster and seafood and steak dinnersIMG_1137
  • BBQ’s
  • Bonfires
  • Corn boils
  • Mackerel fishing
  • Working dogs at community events and doing canine shows.
  • Touring around the Island with dogs
  • Duck hunting and working the gun dog.

Housing and other essentials like food is provided for you and is included in the cost so you don’t have to worry about any other cost. 

Shadow students may earn a Certificate of Attendance for the one and two week shadow intensive program .

UPK9 student trainers will also earn a Certificate of Successful Completion and become Certified Professional Unleashed Potential Dog Trainer and join the upk9 family of dog trainers. 

All students will stay at a nearby hotel, cottage/ house or bed and breakfast depending on the time of year.

The cost of the hotel or any lodging is included in the price of the school. 

Extras such as drinks, treats, massages, horse back rides and room service are not included in the tuition.

Photo of places to stay will be added HERE soon. Coming Soon!

You will be picked up before school and driven back to the hotel every evening.

Students will often be eating with Duke, friends and family where we can have further discussions about training, business and just about anything so the days are much longer than just work hours.

Dinner will always be included for all students although it may not be possible for us to have dinner together every night.

Monday through Friday we will almost always eat lunch together. Food for you is provided.

We often have informal training and socialization on the weekends. Students are welcome to attend and spend extra time but do not have to if they choose not to. Necessary groceries will be provided for the students as needed.

Arriving and Departing PEI

All students and their dogs who fly into Charlottetown PEI airport will be met at the airport and picked up upon arrival. Upon departure students with their dogs will be taken to the airport from Charlottetown PEI Airport.  If you can’t bring a dog we will have dogs and people for you to work.


A. 1 Week Intensive  $6,800    Meals, lodging and TAX IS INCLUDED in this program

B. 2 Week intensive  $9,800   Meals, lodging and TAX IS INCLUDED in this program 

C.  Unleashed Potential Trainer Program Join the Family!!  $20,000  + 15% HST Meals and lodging are included BUT tax is NOT included in this program

Funds are in Canadian dollars.  To see the estimate cost in any other currency we suggest asking your bank or going to a currency converter on line like: 


School / Shadow Dates available 

Please contact as soon as possible  to book your spot. Space is very limited. Email  duke@upk9.ca  or info@upk9.ca  A Skype or FaceTime with Duke will be booked to discuss any and all questions you may have. Chat soon!!

2018  Starting Trainer School Dates

April / May  2018

Start Date April 30th

* Shadow Intensive  1 week, April 30th to May 5th

*Shadow Intensive 2 week April 30th to May 12th

* UPK9 Trainer  April 30th to May 19th


JUNE  2018

 Start Date June 4th

* Shadow Intensive 1 week  June 4th to June 9th  

*Shadow Intensive 2 week June 4th to June16th

*UPK9 Trainer June 4th to June 23th

AUG  2018 

Start Date August 6th

*Shadow Intensive 1 week August 6th to August 11th

*Shadow Intensive 2 week August 6th to August 18th

*UPK9 Trainer Program  August 6th to August 25th

SEPT  2018

Start Date Sept 3rd 

*Shadow intensive 1 week  Sept 3rd to Sept 8th

OCT  2018 Unconfirmed


If payment can not be made in full there is a payment schedule that can be utilized.

Payments can be made in 3 equal parts.  simply take the total and divide by 3 to get the payments.

1st payment is due within 2 weeks of scheduling or expressing interest to the school.  If there is no payment within this time the spot will not be held and be given to someone else.

2nd payment will be paid one month before the scheduled start of training.

3rd payment The balance is due within three days of the start of the school.

Payments can be made earlier and more frequent if desired.


After the 1st deposit you have 30 days to receive a full refund.

After 30 days until 31 days before training only 1/2 of the deposit will be refunded.

Cancelling 30 days before training starts there will be NO refund. 

What do you need to bring?

1. You will need to bring an original document showing proof of health insurance in case there is some unforeseen event.

2. All students must sign and return the liability waiver.

3. Please bring enough medical supplies or things that you require because we cannot guarantee that you can find them here in PEI.

4. Appropriate clothing. The summer months on PEI it can be very nice weather however we  will work dogs in the rain sometimes if there is a group class. If it gets colder than your used to we can always provide warm clothes as we have lots packed away for the winter months. If you like to swim there may be opportunity to do so.

5. Sunscreen and bug spray…. incase of travel issues with packing you can always get it here.

6. We will need to know in advance if you are bringing a dog or if you need one provided. We can provide the crates. If you are bringing a dog you should at least bring a leash, collar and food. Any training gear you need can be purchased here.  If the dog has a special diet then you should bring enough for the trip…it may not be accessible here.

While at Duke Ferguson’s Unleashed Potential K9 Academy, if there are any issues with the students behaviour, Duke Ferguson reserves the right to terminate the program with any student at any time. If this should happen, the student will change travel plans and be driven to the airport. 

Behaviours that would warrant termination are: 

 General disrespect, total neglect of the animals in students care, vandalism,  inability to follow instructions and theft.


Come train and play with me on our Island, the birthplace of Canada!

Click HERE for a  Bird’s-eye view of beautiful Prince Edward Island . This is just a taste of where we will be training dogs!

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