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Education on Dog E-Collars

What Happens In The Water??? Do they Shock? Do They Burn?

Haters and supporters we love you all !!
Yes , Yes I know its a longer than normal video but its got lots of info in it.
This video is Entertaining and Educational.

In this video Professional Dog Trainer Duke Ferguson Owner / CEO of Unleashed Potential K9 will address false beliefs that e collars shock and burn. This video is for everyone!!
Duke actually puts the strongest e collar he uses on his hands and neck IN THE WATER…..and shows the levels and explains things . He even shows the effect at top level.
In this video Duke gives complimentary information and educates on how e collars can be miss used and what can happen if left on to long as well as what happens using them in the water .
Weather you like e collars or do not like e collars the information in this video will be of some value to you.
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  1. tami maceachern

    This is a great video, we have been following all the videos and are actually starting our training with Evan Doggett next week. We have a 160 lb Bull Mastiff who Evan tells us is a ” bully” lol. He suggested we watch all your videos before starting our sessions next week. We have noticed a difference in Big “Mac” since we started following your training methods. I was a little sceptical about the e-collar until Evan had myself, my husband and daughter try one on ourselves. We are very excited and happy to have joined for the lifetime package. We will be sure to let you know how we are making out. Sincerely the “very optimistic” MacEachern family from Pictou County, NS.

  2. Im glad you found it of value. Be sure to sign up for My Free mini dog training series on the home page.

  3. Thank you for your clarification on how they affect the dog in and out of water. I have seen these collars in action and they are amazing!

  4. Brilliant.

    About time this information is out there for everyone. Hopefully uninformed people will now realise that it works when used with advice from a qualified trainer like yourself, does not hurt the dog and that by using the ecollar problems can be solved and therefore at the end of the day it makes for happier dogs (and owners obviously!).

    Will definitely share on Facebook.

  5. All respect. Thanks real trainers will do what your doing. Real dog trainers dont misuse equipment .

  6. Really enjoyed the video it was very informative I have used one only once and my family said I was crual Thanks

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