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Chris Thompson

Dog Training Moncton NSI grew up in a small town in the black forest of West Germany. It was there that my fascination and appreciation for dogs started. All the farm houses on the hillsides had two, three or sometimes more German Shepherds. Once or twice a week we would have actual shepherds (literally sheep herders) and their flocks of sheep cross over the adjacent field to our house with one or two border collies keeping the herds together and not wandering. The drive, the motivation and the focus these dogs had, whether helping farmers or herding sheep, was truly amazing. I would watch these dogs in awe change direction, circle left or circle right with different whistle tones or vocal commands. We had two small breed family dogs over those years. In fact, growing up, our family was never without a K9 companion or two. These dogs were fun to play with for sure. One of their favorite games was fetch. These games mostly lasted the duration of one good throw, then I’d spend the next forty-five minutes watching them prance around with the ball in their mouth. Occasionally they came near me only to freeze momentarily in a taunting fashion and…. dart away from me again. It was the inspiring moments of watching the herding dogs keeping the flocks in line and the daily routines of the farm dogs; coupled with the K9 culture of the country side (and yes, the lengthy nonsensical games of fetch) where the K9 seeds of inception where planted.

As most initial dreams we have as kids the K9 world was put on hold and we moved back to Canada (there wasn’t much demand in Canada at the time for sheep herders). My career evolved into many great years with the Canadian Armed Forces. During this time, I had various opportunities to appreciate and witness yet again the drive, motivation, focus and work ethic of some of the finest K9’s and handlers in the world. My time in the Forces helped me discover that I had a few other passions that I would lean on to drive my career; leadership, development and results based instructing and training.

Obedience Training Moncton New BrunswickOn the heels of my military career I ventured in to the corporate world. There, I worked with some awesome and inspiring people and worked on some really cool complex projects, some of which were international. I was able to employ the years of leadership and development training to motivate and engage teams that achieved phenomenal results.

A few years ago my brother sent me a German Shepherd pup for Christmas. It was a total surprise. He called me and had me show up at the airport at night to pick up my “present” that was flying in from another province. Called to the cargo pick up area of the terminal, the baggage handler pointed to a kennel in the corner and said that’s mine. Opening the door I was pleasantly greeted by 10 week old Bailey, a pure black German Shepherd. Honestly it was love at first sight. Over the next ten months we were inseparable. Everywhere I went she was not far behind. We played hard and trained hard. Later the following year our family grew again with the addition of Bowser, a 22 month old male Shepherd with confidence issues. I spent a lot of time one on one with him but struggled to find the drive and motivation in him I knew he was capable of. After a short period researching I found Duke Ferguson’s Unleashed Potential K9. I immediately started studying the Dog Training Genesis video program and applying what I was learning and seeing immediate results. The program was amazing and had all the elements I truly had a passion for; fundamentals of leadership, and a results based balanced approach to training. I applied and was accepted into the academy to become a Certified Professional Trainer. After many months of intense studying, practical application and thorough testing I joined the proud ranks of the truly amazing professionals that make up the Unleashed Potential K9 family of trainers.

I look forward to hearing from you and serving you!

Serving the Moncton and surrounding New Brunswick areas.

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