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David Jones

David Jones

Dog Training Bridgeport Boyd Decatur Paradise TXI grew up in the big city of Dallas, TX and have always had a love for dogs. My first dog was a mix breed named Spike. I thought he was the best dog in the world. Where I grew up there was a Dallas PD K9 Officer that lived down the street from me. I often thought how awesome it would be to work with dogs each and everyday, the cool K9 Unit would be great to, but never thought I would have an awesome job like that.

In 2003 I graduated the Police Academy and went to work for the Wise County Sheriff Department. I worked the streets for almost two years when a K9 position was opened up. I didn’t think I had a shot but applied anyway. I came in second and was happy that I made it that far. Well God had a plan for me. The number one guy decided to take a higher paying position with another agency so guess what…. I got my dream of being a K9 handler. The next three years were fast paced because I was introduced to my next love, the Belgian Malinois breed.

Dog Training Bridgeport Boyd Decatur Paradise TXIn 2007, I had to make a difficult choice. I got married and was starting my family so to better support them I decided to take a higher paying position at another agency. I thought my K9 career was over since my new agency told me that they did not have K9 and had no intention of getting one. Once again, God had a plan for me. In 2011 the new chief came to me and asked if I would help him start the K9 program and of course I accepted. I once again found myself with a Belgian Malinois. My partners name was Dasko and I considered him my problem child. He challenged me to change from just being a handler to learn how a dog works and thinks. During my journey of figuring out what made him tick, I learned more about myself. I learned that I enjoyed working with dogs even more than I thought and enjoyed talking to people about dogs and helping them. So I decided to look more into how I could better myself and our training. I wanted to see what other options were out there other than “Compulsion” which was the only way I knew. I began to research and saw people talking about “Positive Only Training“ so I began to research it more. I loved the idea but realized that it alone was not beneficial so I kept researching. During my time researching, I noticed my passion for training dogs and helping people with their dogs growing to where I knew that I wanted to train dogs for a living. I also wanted to train them the best way possible so I began looking at the best trainers trying to see who was the best.

That’s when I discovered Duke Ferguson with Unleashed Potential K9. I looked him up and watched his video’s. I saw he had an online training program so I purchased the program and began training a 10-week old Dutch Shepherd puppy I already had. Half way through the program, I realized Duke’s way was the best. He uses methods that has the dogs working with heart and soul so they were happy. I saw where Duke was offering a trainer’s program so I jumped at the opportunity and I was blessed with learning from him. After countless hours of training I was accepted into the family of Unleashed Potential Trainers. I am excited to bring Unleashed Potential to Texas. I am looking forward to helping dog owners learn how to live with their canine companion.

David Jones
P – (940) 368-3839
E – davidj@upk9.ca


Serves Bridgeport, Decatur, Boyd and surrounding Texas areas.