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Duke Ferguson

duke ferguson

I was born with a passion for the outdoors and animals both wild and domestic. I have worked with dogs since I was in diapers but At the age
of 12 I k new I wanted to work with animals. I have been training dogs for hunting and retrieving since the age of 13.  As soon as I graduated from High school I attended College to become a Fish and Wildlife Technician and Conservation Officer.

Duke Ferguson

While attending The Atlantic Police Academy’s Conservation Enforcement program in PEI, I  was placed as a Conservation Officer in Nova Scotia where I had the privilege to work with the departments K9 Unit. It was one of the best experiences of my life and increased my desire to work with dogs at all levels.


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I am graduate of Animal Behaviour Canine College in California where I studied Canine Behaviour and became certified as well I am an Animal behaviour mentor trainer. In 2005 I graduated from Canada West Canine Centre of BC  where I studied all levels of obedience, utility, kennel management, temperament testing, dog care, behaviour problems, personal protection, attack dog training, police k9, support dog training, tracking, detection training (drugs, bombs), security and guard dog training. Upon graduating from Canada West Canine Centre I received a certification in Canine Obedience & Kennel Management as well as becoming a certified Master Trainer.duke as a teen

My fourth certification in dog training was at the No Limitations school for Dog Trainers now called Sit means Sit in Colorado and Las Vegas and I am certified in the specialized humane use of a remote collar.

I’ve spent the past 27 years studying dog training methods and applications from some of the best dog trainers and schools around the world and continue to do so.

I am the first Canadian to certify in the use of the K9 BSD (Behaviour Shaping Device) for passive alert training for scent detection dogs.

In 2015 I attended Bart Bellon’s NePoPo School for dog trainers in Belgium. For three weeks I  studied and trained one on one with Bart and Michael Bellon. After passing all tests I  became a certified NePoPo trainer.


I am the creator of Dog Training Genesis, a comprehensive, interactive step by step dog training and rehabilitation video training program that is helping people all over the world produce great training results with their dogs.


I am the owner / CEO and master trainer of Unleashed Potential K9 Academy. At the UPK9 Academy I train those who  attend my shadow intensive program or those who wish to become certified professional dog trainers and want to  start their own Unleashed Potential business .  See Trainer page for more in-depth info.

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In the late fall and winter months I travel around the world doing seminars and in the summer months I like to spend my time on beautiful  PEI training shadows, student trainers and my clients doing lots of  hands on  with people  and their dogs from day light until dark. Saturdayclasses85

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