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Guy Lapierre – Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Dog Training Serving Halifax, Nova ScotiaI grew up in the country surrounded by farms where cattle dogs and hunting dogs were the norm. The intelligence of these dogs amazed me from a very young age and I’ve always had a deep desire to fully understand these amazing animals. As an adult, my wife Kimberley and I adopted a rescue dog named Karma that challenged just how deep my desire was. Karma turn out to be a 115 pound German shepherd / Bernese mountain dog mix that pushed me to my very limits. I spent a year and a half trying to fully understand her aggressive behaviour by learning endless theories, methods, and techniques that made little progress. Then, I found Duke Ferguson’s team at Unleashed Potential and they helped me turn her around. I was so inspired by what was possible that my wife and I started a dog rescue of our own in Karma’s name where we used Duke Ferguson’s training program to rehabilitate and fully train dogs surrendered into our care and then placed them in loving homes.

By thoroughly immersing myself in the Unleashed Potential program and other well renowned programs, I’ve now successfully trained many dogs with a variety of behaviour problems and developed a well-rounded understanding of the complex canine. My desire to continue to learn more led me to formerly train under master trainer, Duke Ferguson and become part of his team and now servicing the Halifax, Nova Scotia area.

I believe obedience is the key to a well-balanced dog. Through obedience one can build a solid relationship with their dog that has mutual respect and relevance. Once you have a solid relationship with your dog, obedience can be leveraged to overcome behaviour problems to reach a balanced state.

I live in Halifax with my wife Kimberley, my two daughters, and our five family dogs.


Obedience Training Halifax, Nova Scotia


Obedience and Behaviour Modification

How I deal with behaviour problems is through obedience. I teach the dog some base obedience and then we proof it under distraction so it becomes manageable. Once it becomes manageable, meaning they can hold the obedience that is being asked for in the presence of their triggers (dogs, people, etc.), then we can further advance the dog to understand how interact with these triggers in a calm and proper manner. I use a combination of reward and correction. Reward is typically food and corrections vary from verbal markers, leash corrections, or via a variety of training collars. Dogs are properly conditioned to any tool prior to it being used and understand the concept of pressure/release. Below is a video of me training a dog on an e-collar where I demonstrate its use as well as talk about some of my other training philosophies. https://youtu.be/eQOuhjBep98 .

The end goal for all dogs in my program is to be able to attend our group classes when they are ready. You can attend group classes for as long as you own your dog. In group class you can continue to improve your dog’s leash walking, social, and off leash skills in distracting environments.

Puppy Management

Puppy Training Halifax, Nova Scotia

Puppy Management / Obedience

I don’t run traditional puppy classes as most end up being a puppy play group and I believe puppies require much more than that to be raised properly. Also, I often get puppies that have been to puppy classes that have been traumatized by others or become bullies themselves and need extensive work to bring them back to balance. Therefore, I offer a very different type of program that is designed to help you raise your puppy properly. Puppies can start at 10 weeks old or older but less than 5 months. Dogs 5 months or older are trained via our adult dog programs.

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Max responding to his recall command at the beach.

Max responding to his recall command at the beach.

Having full recall of your dog in any situation allows you and your dog to experience pure freedom together without worry. If your desire is to have your dog with you as you enjoy your favourite outdoor activity then our recall training will allow that to happen.

Dog Socialization

Dog Socialization and Pack Walk Halifax, NS

Pausing For a Picture During a Pack Walk

Socialization is achieved through obedience and proper introductions. Once we achieve the required obedience through one of our programs and fix any reactivity or aggression issues, we use our group classes to socialize your dog. In group class you can continue to improve your dog’s leash walking, social, and off leash skills in distracting environments.

Custom Dog Training Halifax, NS

Custom Training

Custom Training

If you have a specific issue you are trying to solve or a specific behaviour you are trying to teach, we can design a custom solution outside of our regular packages to accommodate your needs.

Free Assessment & Consultation

Please contact me to book your free assessment and consultation by clicking here.

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I am a member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) and I adhere to their code of ethics.

The INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CANINE PROFESSIONALS is dedicated to the education, development and support of dog training professional world-wide.  The IACP provides a community where experienced dog trainers mentor, guide and cultivate members to their full potential.  Our commitment to the highest quality training increases our members’ skills and abilities, develops professional recognition and improves communication on training best practices.  We support our members’ rights to properly use and promote effective, humane training tools and methods to create success for each dog and owner, while expanding the understanding and cooperation among canine professionals and dog owners across the full spectrum of the canine industry.