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Kristine Stortroen

Our Certified Professional Dog Trainer in
Orange County, California.

Welcome to Unleashed Potential K9 Orange County!
Phone: 530-513-1456
Email: KristineS@UPK9.ca

Thank you for taking the next steps on unleashing you and your dogs potential!

I am the Certified Professional Dog Trainer for our Orange County, California location. I serve all of Orange County and some locations in Los Angeles County.

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Obedience and Behavior Modification


Working on the Art of Attention

How I deal with behavior problems is through obedience. I teach the dog some base obedience and then we proof it under distraction so it becomes manageable. Once it becomes manageable, meaning they can hold the obedience that is being asked for in the presence of their triggers (dogs, people, etc.), then we can further advance the dog to understand how interact with these triggers in a calm and proper manner. I use a combination of reward and correction. Reward is typically food and corrections vary from verbal markers, leash corrections, or via a variety of training collars. Dogs are properly conditioned to any tool prior to it being used and understand the concept of pressure/release.

The end goal for all dogs in my program is to be able to attend our group classes when they are ready. You can attend group classes for as long as you own your dog. In group class you can continue to improve your dog’s leash walking, social, and off leash skills in distracting environments.

Dog Socialization

Pack walk ending with a nice swim.

Socialization is achieved through obedience and proper introductions. Once we achieve the required obedience through one of our programs and fix any reactivity or aggression issues, we use our group classes to socialize your dog. In group class you can continue to improve your dog’s leash walking, social, and off leash skills in distracting environments.


Max responding to his recall command at the beach.

Max responding to his recall command at the beach.

Having full recall of your dog in any situation allows you and your dog to experience pure freedom together without worry. If your desire is to have your dog with you as you enjoy your favorite outdoor activity then our recall training will allow that to happen.


Puppy Management

Puppy Training Halifax, Nova Scotia

Puppy Management / Obedience

Our puppy management program helps you raise a well balanced puppy through obedience and socialization. We also address typical puppy issues along the way. Puppies can attend until they reach 20 weeks of age.

This is a revolving class that you can start attending at any time and continue until your puppy is 20 weeks old. Upon complete of the class you may credit what you paid for the class against any of our adult dog programs which offer lifelong access to continue your training.


Custom Training

If you have a specific issue you are trying to solve or a specific behavior you are trying to teach, we can design a custom training package to accommodate your need.

My Story

I was just your average dog owner with your not so average dog. I was finally in the right place to get the puppy of my dreams. Unfortunately, he give me a run for my money. I was overwhelmed. I spent hours of research on trying to find the “right” way to train/feed/handle my dog. Every article and book I read contradicted each other. I was confused and overloaded with information. I knew what I was doing wasn’t working, so I went to the professionals.

In a span of a year, I took my dog to 6 different trainers. Nothing worked for the real world and he was getting worse. He did amazing inside in a controlled and non distracting environment. He even graduated from “Advanced Obedience.” However, the moment I took him outside in the real world, it was like everything he learned went out the window. My high expectations for my dog diminished to “I just want to be able to walk my dog.” My husband and I did hours of training a day and it was exhausting. I spent a total of $6k in a year and I was starting to loose faith in myself and my dog. He did 3 board and trains, a ton of day trains, and hundreds of private lessons. I finally came across some of UPK9 videos and what Duke said in them really hit home. I sent videos of me training my dog and asked what I was doing wrong. What I learned in a one hour lesson blew my mind and changed my life forever. I was able to finally walk my dog and more. My relationship with my dog changed from frustration to fun and the life I imagined us having became a reality. It hit me right then and there that dog training was my life calling. To share my story and help those that were struggling as I was.

I took the leap and said goodbye to the corporate world and started my journey to becoming a dog trainer. A couple years later of putting in the hours and work, I applied to become a part of UPK9. The team that changed my life.

I have a fierce passion for training you and your dog in the real world. I understand what it’s like to work long hours and want to be able to enjoy a happy and obedient dog when I got home. I’ve been there and lived through the frustration. This system works, trust me. I’ve tried them all. I look forward to changing you and your pups life and really unleashing you and your pups potential.

Please contact me via phone or email for a consultation:

Phone: 530-513-1456

Email: kristines@upk9.ca