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Terry Haynie

Terry Haynie

Dog Training Danbury Bridgeport Fairfield County, CTMy passion for dogs first developed when at an early age my Uncle let me walk his German Shepherd, Lady. This dog was bigger than I was and we calmly walked down a busy city street sidewalk near my home. I had such a feeling of pride as this dog walked at my side. My passion for dogs was ignited! In adulthood, as soon as I could, I adopted my first German Shepherd, Porsche. My education began as I worked with trainers to produce a loving obedient pet. Porsche worshiped the ground I walked on and myself hers. It was a wonderful relationship.

I have had a total of 5 shepherds and several rescue dogs, each one trained and very social. The unconditional love they bring to our family has brought constant joy. This has inspired me to study methods of dog training so I can help others have the same wonderful relationship with their pets.

After training for 5 years I felt something was missing in my dog/owner relationship; then I found the Duke Ferguson’s Unleashed Potential training school, which turned out to be the missing piece. Duke’s definition of dog training is to get a dog to do what you want, when you want, with HEART and SOUL! Now as part of the team of UPK9 I have the expertise to train you and your dog, making your time with Man’s Best Friend rewarding and enjoyable.Dog Training Fairfield County, CT

I service Fairfield County in CT and the surrounding areas. For the love of dogs, do not hesitate to call or email me for a free consultation. We start puppies as early as 8 weeks before unwanted behaviors are established. Any current unwanted behaviors can be addressed, just make the call. I look forward to connecting with dog lovers everywhere.

Terry Haynie
Member of  International Association of Canine Professionals
P – (475)-204-9811
E – terryh@upk9.ca

Dog Training Danbury Bridgeport , CT