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The World’s #1 Scent Kits for the Training and Evaluation of Detector-K9s

ScentLogix-K9TM Scentkits are the world’s first suite of ScentKits scientifically developed for the training of search-and-detect K9s inthe detection of Explosives and Narcotics. With the use of patent-pending technology, these multi-operational ScentKits set a new gold standard for all K9-detection training kits, including those kits that contain real explosives and narcotics!


Explosives Detection ScentKits:

TNT • Tagged RDX • Untagged RDX • Semtex A, H and A&H

Double Base Smokeless Powder • Dynamite &bull TATP • HMTD
ICAO Explosive Taggants

Narcotics Detection ScentKits:

Cocaine • Heroin • Meth • MDA/MDMA (Ecstacy) • Marijuana

Other Products:

ScentLogix-KleenTM Biodegradable Kennel Cleaner and
Deodorizer • ScentLogix-KleenTM ScentBox Cleaner &
Scent Remover • ScentLogix 360° StashBoxes

scent detection     scent detection

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Applications of ScentLogix-K9TM

Ports-of-Entry Security • Counter Terrorism • Events Security
Military & Police Operations • Citizenry Security • Installations Security
Air/Rail/Bus/Sea Transport Security • Cargo/Goods Security
Corporate Security • Foot and Vehicle Patrol Security
Security at Malls, Restaurants, Theatres, Parking Lots,
Hotels, Churches, Schools, Mosques and Synagogues

Benefits of ScentLogix-K9TM

  • The Best & Most Comprehensive Range of Detector-K9 Scent-Training Aids in the Industry
  • Non-Hazardous, Non-Explosive, and Non-Narcotic ScentKits – Easy to Transport, Store and Use
  • High-Performance Training Aids with Zero Narcotic Adulterant Odors and an Odor Spectrum Better than the Real Material
  • Enables Effective Training in All Climatic Conditions
  • Specifications Exceed Current Canadian, British, European, Australian and South African Canine Training Kit Standards and all US Military (MN01, MN76), Police, Customs, DEA and DHS Canine Scent Kit Specifications for Explosives & Narcotics
  • Proven Effectiveness within CONUS and OCONUS Operational Theaters
  • Automatically Teaches K9s to Detect Both Small and Large Amounts of any Target Material
  • Perfectly Suitable for Green-Dog Training
  • Enables Realistic Detection Training Exercises within Real Civilian Populations and Civilian Occupied Environments
  • Can Be Used as a Tool to Evaluate Detector K9s Previously Trained on Other Training Aids
  • Specialized and Mission-Specific ScentKits Also Available Upon Request

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