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Meeting Your Dog’s Needs, Unleashed Potential Halifax.


I’ve assessed hundreds of dogs up to this point in my career as a dog trainer. The biggest constant I see as the underlying cause of the behaviour problems presented to me is quite simple, the dog’s needs are not being met. Most of the dogs I’ve met are being cared for from a health and wellness standpoint, although a ... Read More »

Lazy Dog Trainer II, The EAZY Way To Stop A Dog From Attacking The Vacuum

There are many different ways to accomplish things in training. There are many different ways to teach a dog basic commands, communicate with them, reward them, correct them, etc. Every dog is different so there isn’t a one size fits all approach to dog training. While most dog trainers become systematic in the way they approach things, the good ones ... Read More »

Feeding Time is Training Time – Step One

This is how my puppy, River, eats every piece of food she gets. Feeding time is training time. My dogs work for a living. This provides some of the mental stimulation they need and when combined with physical exercise most of the behaviour problems we see simply go away or are severely diminished. This is how I instruct all of ... Read More »

It’s OK, He’s Friendly

“It’s okay….he’s friendly!!” Let’s discuss the importance of Off-Leash Recall. How many times have you heard an owner yelling that out to you from afar as his off leash dog runs towards you full tilt while ignoring all his owners attempts to call him back? Often the dogs name is repeated over and over and over, the word “treat” is ... Read More »

My Last Dog…

My last dog… No,…that is not a statement. I have not sworn off dogs and will most certainly welcome another with open arms when our 4 canine family members cross over the Rainbow Bridge. This isn’t a rant either,…rather an attempt to point out something that some dog owners often get hung up on. I’ve lost count of the number ... Read More »