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The Lazy Dog Trainer V – Shaping with Clicker & Food

The Lazy Dog Trainer V  –  Shaping with Clicker & Food This video shows how we can get high output from a dog while we just sit and do “NOTHING” other than mark and feed the desired behaviours. “Lazy Dog Trainer” Gets its name form learning how to get the most from your dog while doing the least from the ... Read More »

We train small dogs too!

  Is your small dog pulling on the leash constantly while you’re on a walk? Does it suffer from separation anxiety? Is your dog still using the bathroom indoors? Let us help! Unleashed Potential has lots of experience with dogs of all sizes, breeds and behaviours. We will figure out exactly what it is your looking for, whether it be crate training, barking, biting and nipping, leash ... Read More »