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Duke Ferguson Conditioning The E – Collar to a Pit Bull

Duke Ferguson Conditioning The E – Collar with Fun and Food There are many ways to use an E – Collar. Before you can begin effective training with an E- Collar you should first condition the dog to understand it. If you skip conditioning a dog to understand the E – Collar sensation then you run the risk of creating ... Read More »

Modern Day Dog Training With Unleashed Potential. NePoPo Training

Modern Day Dog Training With Unleashed Potential. NePoPo training. Did you know there is a terrible misconception in the dog training world that if you use E – Collars or other tools that can apply pressure or corrections then you are not a positive trainer at all…..AND… If your a user of clickers or verbal marks then your not a ... Read More »

Duke Ferguson Seminar. The Art of Attention. Barrie, Ontario Canada. June 25th -26th 2016

Duke Ferguson Seminar. The art of attention in Barrie, Ontario, Canada June 25-26th 2 Day Intense hands-on workshop in Barrie, ON, CANADA with Duke Ferguson of Unleashed Potential K9 , Creator of Dog Training Geneisis and certified NePoPo® trainer This workshop will go over theory to the practical application of using timing, motivation and consistency with highly motivational, positive food ... Read More »

Don’t Worry, He’s Friendly (he’s never bitten before)

Don’t worry, he’s friendly; he’s never bitten before. Famous last words that many of us have heard time and time again. As a dog trainer, I look back on the many times I have taken other people’s word on this and honestly cannot believe that I haven’t found myself in more trouble. These days, I consult with numerous dogs of ... Read More »

Why I Became a Dog Trainer with

Why I Became a Dog Trainer I never dreamed of being a dog trainer, in fact, it was never something I even considered until the day I decided to become one. So what lead me to that point? In 2012, I opened a pitbull rescue which quickly became known for taking in difficult cases; that’s when I met my soul mate. ... Read More »