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Lifetime Group Class

How Unleashed Potential Can Help You- A look at our Lifetime Group Class After The Private Dog Training Lessons.  We offer private training sessions, or a board and train, followed by group classes for life. This allows you and your dog to learn in a calm, quiet environment while having all the focus and attention on you. Once private training ... Read More »

Training A German Shorthaired Pointer

Ina, my 3-year-old GSP (German shorthaired pointer), is an energy packed dog who will run around outside all day long and not crash until the sun is down. Since having her as an 8-week-old puppy, she has always been somewhat obedient, but I always knew she wasn’t reaching her full potential. Ina is easily distracted from everything to grasshoppers, butterflies, ... Read More »

We train small dogs too!

  Is your small dog pulling on the leash constantly while you’re on a walk? Does it suffer from separation anxiety? Is your dog still using the bathroom indoors? Let us help! Unleashed Potential has lots of experience with dogs of all sizes, breeds and behaviours. We will figure out exactly what it is your looking for, whether it be crate training, barking, biting and nipping, leash ... Read More »