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What Really Goes On In The Unleashed Potential Dog House! This Is How We Roll

We  have had a lot of requests  to show a video tour of the Unleashed Potential training facility in Stratford PEI….. AKA “The Dog House” The Dog House is where New UPK9 trainers and shadows come to learn from Duke and better they’re training skills.  We have Students come from all over the world. The Dog House is also the ... Read More »

Education on Dog E-Collars

What Happens In The Water??? Do they Shock? Do They Burn? Haters and supporters we love you all !! Yes , Yes I know its a longer than normal video but its got lots of info in it. This video is Entertaining and Educational. In this video Professional Dog Trainer Duke Ferguson Owner / CEO of Unleashed Potential K9 will ... Read More »

Dog Karma Rescue’s Review On Duke Ferguson’s Dog Training Genesis Video Training Program

Cool, I just got this  great review from Dog Karma Rescue about  my Dog Training Genesis Video Training Program. Dog Karma Rescue, based out of Nova Scotia, has been using my methods before the release of the Dog Training Genesis Program. They take in dogs with multiple issues and rehabilitate them to find them their forever family. Since signing up ... Read More »

Belgian Malinois Gets His Toy Back From Where The Fox Left it: Blind Retrieve On Ice

My Belgian Malinois taking back what is his: While having coffee one morning, I noticed from the window of my house what looked to be a red dot out on the ice in the middle of the river.  I looked through the binoculars and saw it was one of my dogs toys that cost over $25 and I knew exactly ... Read More »