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The Lazy Dog Trainer V – Shaping with Clicker & Food

The Lazy Dog Trainer V  –  Shaping with Clicker & Food This video shows how we can get high output from a dog while we just sit and do “NOTHING” other than mark and feed the desired behaviours. “Lazy Dog Trainer” Gets its name form learning how to get the most from your dog while doing the least from the ... Read More »

Pet Friendly Hotels PEI

This blog will be short and sweet but very helpful on pet friendly hotels PEI. We get so many people arriving from out of province coming to us for dog training help that we are often asked the question:  “where can I stay that is pet friendly?”  Fortunately there are several places here on PEI where you can stay comfortably ... Read More »

Attention Training a Fear Aggressive Dog With E – Collar and Food

This video is “Jam Packed” with great information on training a fear aggressive dog with e-collar and food. You will see the things we will teach our clients in the early stages of training their dog including dogs with all kinds of aggression. The video shows how we start attention training with food and markers and then transition it to the ... Read More »

Do Dogs Forget Obedience They Have Learned?

Once in a while I hear people say, “ I did obedience with my dog but he forgets it all now”.  This is a statement that makes me shake my head. I don’t believe this to be true. I believe if you train your dog to fully understand a name to a behaviour then they don’t completely forget it. Over time, ... Read More »

What Really Goes On In The Unleashed Potential Dog House! This Is How We Roll

We  have had a lot of requests  to show a video tour of the Unleashed Potential training facility in Stratford PEI….. AKA “The Dog House” The Dog House is where New UPK9 trainers and shadows come to learn from Duke and better they’re training skills.  We have Students come from all over the world. The Dog House is also the ... Read More »