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Malinois Fetching Fish! One Benefit to a Trained Retrieve

How fresh is your dogs food? Is it this fresh? Do you have a dog who has resource guarding issues over food or things it sees as value? Are you training a hunting dog or a service dog? In this video I explain one benefit of having a trained retrieve. I show an example. If you need some help or ... Read More »

Attention Training a Fear Aggressive Dog With E – Collar and Food

This video is “Jam Packed” with great information on training a fear aggressive dog with e-collar and food. You will see the things we will teach our clients in the early stages of training their dog including dogs with all kinds of aggression. The video shows how we start attention training with food and markers and then transition it to the ... Read More »

The Doodle Who Ate Everything! Testimonial

  My dog, Victor, has had 5 surgeries. Victor is a two year old labradoodle. His surgeries were related to him eating things. I brought Victor to Unleashed Potential to correct his behaviour. Since being at Unleashed Potential the results are incredible! Duke taught me to take control of Victor and to not give up on him. I was scared ... Read More »

Food Rewarding A Pushy Dog

Feeding Rewards, Calm The Pushy Dog & Build Up The Weak Dog I get a lot of questions like, “Duke, how do I get my dog to stop being so pushy when taking the reward and not hurt my fingers?” OR  “Duke, how do I get my nervous or weak dog to be more confident and take food better?” Here ... Read More »

Mastering the Art of Attention

No matter what age or breed of dog we can help you too MASTER the art of attention with your dog! Below is a video shot with a young pup just 17wks of age. In one week we mastered attention! So that being said…. I HAVE TWO QUESTIONS FOR YOU: Have you been told you can’t train a dog until ... Read More »