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The Lazy Dog Trainer V – Shaping with Clicker & Food

The Lazy Dog Trainer V  –  Shaping with Clicker & Food This video shows how we can get high output from a dog while we just sit and do “NOTHING” other than mark and feed the desired behaviours. “Lazy Dog Trainer” Gets its name form learning how to get the most from your dog while doing the least from the ... Read More »

Lazy Dog Trainer II, The EAZY Way To Stop A Dog From Attacking The Vacuum

There are many different ways to accomplish things in training. There are many different ways to teach a dog basic commands, communicate with them, reward them, correct them, etc. Every dog is different so there isn’t a one size fits all approach to dog training. While most dog trainers become systematic in the way they approach things, the good ones ... Read More »

Creating a Positive Association to All Training Tools Including E collars and Pinch Collars

  There is a saying in the dog training world ” Make training and rehabilitation fun”. In a perfect world this is very true. Training should be fun, but this is not a perfect world and many dogs develop issues from it and…… who has fun in rehab in the beginning anyway? Take the beginning stages of working with a ... Read More »


Sadly, there is too much controversy about e-collars, remote collars, shock collars….what ever you want to call them in the dog training world. E collar haters say they are inhumane and abusive and that they send a jolt through the whole body of the dog. Some say the dogs only work because they are scared to be shocked.  There are ... Read More »