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Lazy Dog Trainer II, The EAZY Way To Stop A Dog From Attacking The Vacuum

There are many different ways to accomplish things in training. There are many different ways to teach a dog basic commands, communicate with them, reward them, correct them, etc. Every dog is different so there isn’t a one size fits all approach to dog training. While most dog trainers become systematic in the way they approach things, the good ones ... Read More »

Do Dogs Forget Obedience They Have Learned?

Once in a while I hear people say, “ I did obedience with my dog but he forgets it all now”.  This is a statement that makes me shake my head. I don’t believe this to be true. I believe if you train your dog to fully understand a name to a behaviour then they don’t completely forget it. Over time, ... Read More »

What Really Goes On In The Unleashed Potential Dog House! This Is How We Roll

We  have had a lot of requests  to show a video tour of the Unleashed Potential training facility in Stratford PEI….. AKA “The Dog House” The Dog House is where New UPK9 trainers and shadows come to learn from Duke and better they’re training skills.  We have Students come from all over the world. The Dog House is also the ... Read More »

The Doodle Who Ate Everything! Testimonial

  My dog, Victor, has had 5 surgeries. Victor is a two year old labradoodle. His surgeries were related to him eating things. I brought Victor to Unleashed Potential to correct his behaviour. Since being at Unleashed Potential the results are incredible! Duke taught me to take control of Victor and to not give up on him. I was scared ... Read More »

A Tired Dog is a Good Dog!

A lot of people come to us with questions about tiring out their dogs. First off, we will put in place two distinctions: if your dog is worked up in a comfortable/familiar environment this signals pent up energy that needs to be exerted — If your dog is worked up in an unfamiliar environment this is normal, more exposure and ... Read More »