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Out of Control Lab, Ginger- Testimonial

Thank You Unleashed Potential The Valley!! Ginger the lab is out of control no more! See Video Below! A few months after getting our lab/retriever, Ginger, daily life started to become stressful. The kids didn’t want to play with the her because she would bite at them and knock them over, and my husband refused to walk her anymore because she pulled ... Read More »

It’s OK, He’s Friendly

“It’s okay….he’s friendly!!” Let’s discuss the importance of Off-Leash Recall. How many times have you heard an owner yelling that out to you from afar as his off leash dog runs towards you full tilt while ignoring all his owners attempts to call him back? Often the dogs name is repeated over and over and over, the word “treat” is ... Read More »

Hound Dog UNLEASHED, Testimonial.

Hound dog off leash chasing scents and coming back when called! I adopted a rescued hound dog just over 3 years ago. The two of us made good progress together. However, I could not always trust him to return off leash. Scents are his strong focus. Unleashed Potential k9 training helped to make off leash walks possible. I am able ... Read More »