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Training Small Breed Dogs like Jake the Shih-Tzu

Recently I noticed that all of my clients are large breed dogs; does that mean that there are more large breed dogs with behavioral issues than there are small breed dogs? I don’t believe so. I feel that many people see small breed dogs as being easier to manage than large breed dogs, so often times they get tucked away, picked up ... Read More »

Puppy Training Classes UPK9 PEI

Puppy Training Classes UPK9 PEI In January we decided to expand our family with not one but two morkie puppies and knew we needed some help with training them. We wanted them to be well mannered dogs who would be a joy to have in our home. Unleashed Potential with Duke was the place we chose to enroll. Their ongoing ... Read More »

Boxer Puppy MOXON Testimonial

Boxer Puppy Moxon Testimonial for UPK9 Puppy Management: Joining puppy management with Unleashed Potential K9 Academy, was the best thing that we could have done for our Boxer puppy Moxon! He learned very quickly the basics with the guidance of Duke and Lindsay; and has built an amazing foundation for success as he grows into a full-grown Boxer! We learned ... Read More »