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Bob-A-Lot Food Dispenser Toy Review with Duke Ferguson of Unleashed Potential

To get your own “Bob – A – Lot” Click the Green buy now button below now! Bob-A-Lot food dispenser toy review with Duke Ferguson CEO of Unleashed Potential K9 Academy. Watch the video to see what Master Trainer Duke says about this Starmark toy. In this video he will explain why he likes this toy from the durability to ... Read More »

Don’t Worry, He’s Friendly (he’s never bitten before)

Don’t worry, he’s friendly; he’s never bitten before. Famous last words that many of us have heard time and time again. As a dog trainer, I look back on the many times I have taken other people’s word on this and honestly cannot believe that I haven’t found myself in more trouble. These days, I consult with numerous dogs of ... Read More »

Dog Food- A Simple Guide to your Ingredient List

The first thing you need to know is that every ingredient in your dog food is listed on the bag in descending order. This means that the first ingredient holds the most weight, the second ingredient holds the second highest amount of weight, and so on. Meat vs. Meat Meal: For the purpose of this blog, ‘meat’ refers to protein such as Beef, Fish, Chicken, ... Read More »

Puppy Management Testimonial UPK9: PEI

Puppy Management Testimonial UPK9: PEI My boyfriend and I have now attended puppy class twice with our Burmese mountain dog mix Rudy. So far puppy class has been a ton of fun and Rudy really loves socializing with all the other puppies. She has learned how to come, sit, lay down, go to place and look. As we all know ... Read More »