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Great Dane Wins Ribbons

Noble is a 1 yr old Great Dane, whom I had wishes to show. His show career started off fantastic, then in a heartbeat he developed a fatal flaw that kept him from placing in shows anymore. I could not find the key to correct this mistake.  I contacted his breeder and other ‘show people’, I was offered lots of ... Read More »

Two more German Shepherds unleashed!

Two more German Shepherds unleashed and enjoying life. Read this testimonial. Luckily we found you guys recently. We needed help with our two German shepherds aged one and two. They each had their different share of problems and Ted individualized each dogs training based on their different personalities and needs. We had problems with both dogs barking in the car, ... Read More »

Rescue Dog Izzy’s success story

We got our dog Isobel, a rescue dog from Labrador, when she was 10 weeks old.  When we got her she had few behavioral issues we had to deal with. Izzy pulled at the leash, jumped on people-dogs-counters, and we also wanted a dog we could walk confidently off leash around other dogs. The Unleashed Potential Trainer worked with the ... Read More »

Shih Tzus, Tanner and Cooper

Duke, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help. When I came to you my 2 shih tzus (Tanner 6 and Cooper 2) were running my house. I was at my wits end!!! They barked constantly(especially when people came to the door), jumped all over people, pulled on the leash during walks, 1 had ... Read More »

Stephanie, Jason, Mikkayla & Kyia

Testimonial from Stephanie about the training she received with Kyia. Just wanted to write a little message expressing our happiness with the training we received through the Kings County K-9 Obedience  (now UPK9) Program. When we started the training with our wonderful Golden Retriever she had a long way to go. We were wondering if this dog would ever calm ... Read More »