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Puppy Training Classes UPK9 PEI

Puppy Training Classes UPK9 PEI In January we decided to expand our family with not one but two morkie puppies and knew we needed some help with training them. We wanted them to be well mannered dogs who would be a joy to have in our home. Unleashed Potential with Duke was the place we chose to enroll. Their ongoing ... Read More »

Education on Dog E-Collars

What Happens In The Water??? Do they Shock? Do They Burn? Haters and supporters we love you all !! Yes , Yes I know its a longer than normal video but its got lots of info in it. This video is Entertaining and Educational. In this video Professional Dog Trainer Duke Ferguson Owner / CEO of Unleashed Potential K9 will ... Read More »

Obedience Training Maintenance ” Working For A Living”

Obedience Training Maintenance ” Working For A Living” Duke when can I feed from the dish again?  For those who know me know  I never feed from a dog dish and that I’m an advocate for making the dog work for its meals.  To me it only makes sense,  in the wild the dog must hunt for a living. Hunting is ... Read More »

Teaching Your Dog to Fetch For Fun

This video shows how you can start teaching your dog to fetch for fun! Fetch is a great game to play. It is one of the top activities for burning off energy and building a proper relationship.  Once your dog knows its markers and a little obedience then you can use this game as maintenance training.     Do you ... Read More »

3 day Trainer Workshop With Duke Ferguson ” Unleashing Potential”

Feb 14th to 16th 2015. Mississauga Ontario, Canada Duke’s 3 day Unleashing Potential dog trainers workshop will be packed with game changing info and training. This is Must Attend work shop  if your a professional dog trainer and want to up your game! To sign up for this event click here. http://www.thedogstop.ca/contact/event/ Don’t pass this up as space is limited and ... Read More »