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Education on Dog E-Collars

What Happens In The Water??? Do they Shock? Do They Burn? Haters and supporters we love you all !! Yes , Yes I know its a longer than normal video but its got lots of info in it. This video is Entertaining and Educational. In this video Professional Dog Trainer Duke Ferguson Owner / CEO of Unleashed Potential K9 will ... Read More »

Obedience Training Maintenance ” Working For A Living”

Obedience Training Maintenance ” Working For A Living” Duke when can I feed from the dish again?  For those who know me know  I never feed from a dog dish and that I’m an advocate for making the dog work for its meals.  To me it only makes sense,  in the wild the dog must hunt for a living. Hunting is ... Read More »

Teaching Your Dog to Fetch For Fun

This video shows how you can start teaching your dog to fetch for fun! Fetch is a great game to play. It is one of the top activities for burning off energy and building a proper relationship.  Once your dog knows its markers and a little obedience then you can use this game as maintenance training.     Do you ... Read More »

3 day Trainer Workshop With Duke Ferguson ” Unleashing Potential”

Feb 14th to 16th 2015. Mississauga Ontario, Canada Duke’s 3 day Unleashing Potential dog trainers workshop will be packed with game changing info and training. This is Must Attend work shop  if your a professional dog trainer and want to up your game! To sign up for this event click here. http://www.thedogstop.ca/contact/event/ Don’t pass this up as space is limited and ... Read More »

Use these 3 Simple Tips For Training Multiple Dogs At Home

As a certified professional dog trainer and CEO of Unleashed Potential K9, at any given moment, I can have up to 10 dogs in my home. I own 3 dogs, plus foster one dog and dogs that are going through my board and train program. I use these 3 simple tips for training multiple dogs at home. These are necessary ... Read More »