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Tara Birt & Dominant Oliver

Dominant Oliver has been given a new leash on life. Read Tara’s testimonial My Oliver is a very smart, energetic and affectionate dog. However, he was becoming increasingly dominant, destructive and aggressive. Most stories I heard about dog training were ones of disappointment and little results, therefore, I had little faith in dog trainers in general. I wanted a dog ... Read More »

Stubborn Boxer, Jodie

Read this testimonial from Dolores about her stubborn boxer, Jodie. Dear Duke, The Change in Jodie was wonderful once she started her training with you. It was quite a learning experience for both Jodie and myself. As you know, Jodie is a real Stubborn boxer, but with perseverance, eventually, all of that hard work paid off! She has come a ... Read More »

Pomeranian, Chiklet

Have you ever heard of a Pomeranian that doesn’t bark, bite, or chase kids driving by on bikes? Thanks to the Unleashed Potential K-9 Academy Chiklet does none of these things. When I bought her she was an energetic puppy who needed a high level of motivation. Before she was four months old I met with Duke to see if ... Read More »

Elizabeth Murray and her daughters with Abby

It has been a year since we finished Abby’s training with Duke. Before we started, one-year-old Abby was all over the place, romping through the house and pulling on the leash. We couldn’t walk her and she dug up the lawn. In a short time, with Duke’s help, all of our family (including girls aged 9 and 7) were able ... Read More »

CompuCollege Appreciation

Future Veterinary Assistants feel confident recommending Unleashed Potetential K9 Academy to their future clients after receiving an informative presentation. Dear Duke, Thank you for your presentation to our Veterinary Administrative Assistant Program through CompuCollege. We were impressed by your educational demonstration of various techniques and tools. We now have a broader understanding of the link between animal behavior and obedience ... Read More »