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Children’s Bite Prevention Seminars

Children’s Bite Prevention Seminar with Professional Dog Trainer, Camellia Saunderson, and Buddy the tripod Dogs are largely misunderstood by humans, especially children. To a dog, biting is a normal way of communicating when nothing else has worked. Too often we hear that a dog has bitten a person ‘out of nowhere,’ when more often than not, we have simply failed to ... Read More »

Lazy Dog Trainer II, The EAZY Way To Stop A Dog From Attacking The Vacuum

There are many different ways to accomplish things in training. There are many different ways to teach a dog basic commands, communicate with them, reward them, correct them, etc. Every dog is different so there isn’t a one size fits all approach to dog training. While most dog trainers become systematic in the way they approach things, the good ones ... Read More »

“As seen on TV” Dog Obedience and Socialization UPK9 Halifax

I was on CTV Morning Live today discussing dog obedience and dog socialization. Guy Lapierre Unleashed Potential dog training Halifax  You can see the segment here: Click the picture for the video to play There are two points I want to expand on: Quality obedience is often over looked or people have a good enough attitude – especially if their ... Read More »

The Art Of Attention In Dog Training

What is “The Art Of Attention” In Dog Training? Although we often show how much attention you can get from your dog in any distraction, the art of attention  is way more than just having the dog look at you. See the video below to learn more information on what it is. Got Dog Problems? Do you want help? No matter ... Read More »

Modern Day Dog Training With Unleashed Potential. NePoPo Training

Modern Day Dog Training With Unleashed Potential. NePoPo training. Did you know there is a terrible misconception in the dog training world that if you use E – Collars or other tools that can apply pressure or corrections then you are not a positive trainer at all…..AND… If your a user of clickers or verbal marks then your not a ... Read More »