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Adventures in Reactive Dog Encounters Part 1

Introduction: The purpose of this blog series is not to judge, but to educate! I learned long ago that most reactive dog owners do not always appreciate a stranger in passing giving them reactive dog advice about their loved ones. More often than not, people tend to take it personally when you point out their dog’s flaws, rather than as a gesture ... Read More »

Duke Ferguson Seminar “The Art of Attention” in Arizona April 29 to May 1st

April 29th to May 1st 2016 This event will be live streamed as well so if you can not make it you can still get access. To sign up for the seminar or the live stream please CLICK HERE!! Got Dog Problems? Do you want help? No matter the size, sex, age or breed We Can Help! Would you like  FREE dog training ... Read More »

Pet Friendly Hotels PEI

This blog will be short and sweet but very helpful on pet friendly hotels PEI. We get so many people arriving from out of province coming to us for dog training help that we are often asked the question:  “where can I stay that is pet friendly?”  Fortunately there are several places here on PEI where you can stay comfortably ... Read More »

Don’t Worry, He’s Friendly (he’s never bitten before)

Don’t worry, he’s friendly; he’s never bitten before. Famous last words that many of us have heard time and time again. As a dog trainer, I look back on the many times I have taken other people’s word on this and honestly cannot believe that I haven’t found myself in more trouble. These days, I consult with numerous dogs of ... Read More »

Duke Ferguson’s Dog Trainer School & Shadow Program

Duke Ferguson’s Dog Trainer School & Shadow Program  Duke Ferguson’s Unleashed Potential K9 Academy is a registered private training school under the Private Training Schools Act of the Province of Prince Edward Island.                                             Do you have a passion for working with ... Read More »