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upk9 skype trainingTechnological advances have allowed for some amazing opportunites in communication over the last number of years. Skype is one such tool that allows us to meet with you face to face, any where in the world.  At Unleashed Potential K9, we have the experience  of using such a platform to enhance the way we can instruct and empower our clients that are unable to receive our dog training services in person.  Other than the online one on one, step by step video training with Duke Ferguson we have been successfully using Skype as a tool of training with numerous clients all over the world, providing immediate results.

Skype is a tool that is free to download on your computer, tablet, compatible smart phones and internet TV’s.  Skype allows users to communicate by voice using a microphone, and video using a webcam.  Most computer devices these days have both built right into the system, and the current technology features great picture quality.

This tool has allowed clients the ability to speak directly to Duke Ferguson, owner of Unleashed Potential about specific behavioural/training problems. Basically, We  can be right in the room with you and see first hand the issues that need to be addressed. This is especially true with the mobile devices that are in the home today. Here’s how we can help:

Currently we offer two Skype training options:

  • 1 – 75 min session  for $149
  • 3 – 75 min sessions for $349  (a savings of $98)

Once the the desired session is purchased, our head office will contact you and schedule a Skype video call.  On that day, after you have already created a Skype account, we’ll log in at the scheduled time and begin the session. We will need to know where you are located and what time zones you are in.

If the clients internet connection is too slow or the webcam is not working well enough to continue with the Skype training we will refund your money as well.

NOTE: (Duke will provide a free consult for the first 15 min of the 1st Skype session and if you do not feel he can help we will refund your money and discontinue the consult with no hard feelings, if you want to move forward he will continue with the 75 min session and schedule further consults if purchased)

Download your free Skype software today by clicking HERE and get started in just minutes!

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