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UPK9 Trainer Blog: Kristen Tedesco

Pet Friendly Hotels PEI

This blog will be short and sweet but very helpful on pet friendly hotels PEI. We get so many people arriving from out of province coming to us for dog training help that we are often asked the question:  “where can I stay that is pet friendly?”  Fortunately there are several places here on PEI where you can stay comfortably ... Read More »

Food Rewarding A Pushy Dog

Feeding Rewards, Calm The Pushy Dog & Build Up The Weak Dog I get a lot of questions like, “Duke, how do I get my dog to stop being so pushy when taking the reward and not hurt my fingers?” OR  “Duke, how do I get my nervous or weak dog to be more confident and take food better?” Here ... Read More »

Teaching Your Dog to Fetch For Fun

This video shows how you can start teaching your dog to fetch for fun! Fetch is a great game to play. It is one of the top activities for burning off energy and building a proper relationship.  Once your dog knows its markers and a little obedience then you can use this game as maintenance training.     Do you ... Read More »

Enjoying Life With Sully!

  We have a 2.5 year old Yorkie named Sully. We did puppy class with Duke Ferguson, who shared a ton of knowledge with us.  Over time we let our training slide, but we are back on top since we did Duke’s board and train program. I remember dropping Sully off the first day, feeling guilty and nervous, but I ... Read More »

Great Dane OFF LEASH: Training a Shy Timid Dog, Testimonial Unleashed Potential, PEI

Hamlet, Great Dane OFF LEASH and going everywhere with Unleashed Potential Ultimate Obedience!! It’s hard to find the words to describe what  Unleashed Potential K9 in PEI has done for me and my Great Dane. Hamlet is a timid and shy dog, and I went to Unleashed Potential looking for help, hoping to build his confidence and mine. The first ... Read More »